Delusional Mayors

Or maybe just upset about being called out.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has accused Donald Trump of seeking to divide communities in Britain after the US president used social media to criticise his leadership following the attack on the nation’s capital.

I’m not quite sure what Trumps end game is but I’m also thinking anything that makes Squid squirm makes me smile.

Only there is a little thing I’d like to comment on.
It doesn’t take Donald Trump to divide UK’s communities, especially in London.
That’s already there. White flight anyone? (And it’s not too hard to understand why)

The key points being:-

  • About half the population of Inner London belongs to an ethnic group other than White British, compared to about one in ten of the population outside London.
  • In Outer London, about a third of the population is from a group other than White British.
  • Not forgetting 427 mosques.
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