Election Day Looms.

Is on the 8th June and the UK’s media are sensing blood as things may turn out to be an interesting finish. Or is that a disaster!

A quick recap on UK politics.
There are only two main political parties (Tory and Labour) and a few wannabe’s who always seem to cock things up. In particular the Scottish Nationalists (SNP).
In short, a lack of a clear winner with a large party majority, will create political mayhem ending up with one of those coalition government thingies that never work!

The less than stellar pre-election performance from ALL of the political leaders and their parties has made for a PR farce interspersed with a couple of small matters.
Brexit, and terrorism (which of course was nothing to do with Muslims).
I can’t EVER remember the last time everyone I’ve spoken to has expressed so much worry about this nations future.

So is this election too close to call, or is it just a case of the media ramping up the tension?
It’s difficult enough for the thinking population to work out BUT the other 60% who can’t think will vote for whoever they are told to by the media.
Thus they always get it wrong. Why 60%?
That’s the average turnout for general elections because voter apathy is high here.

A little additional worry is sitting in the background. What would muck up election day?
Let’s try random terrorist incidents. Right now, that’s still a possibility.

Anyway bear in mind that financial, economic and social disaster is a viable outcome from this election, which would almost certainly trigger civil unrest.

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  1. Friday morning will be scary.

  2. Brittius says:

    You’re developing a twitch. Relax:

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