Should I feel safe in London?

Interesting is the things people ask on search engines.
So here is my answer.
(BBC) a few hours ago.
A nursery school worker has been taken to hospital with a “slash wound” after reports of a stabbing in east London [9am BST 7 June 2017], police have said.
Nursery manager Karrien Stevens said the woman told her she was slashed by three Asian women dressed in black.
Counter-terrorism police have been informed but are not treating it as a terrorist incident. In a statement, the force added: “The suspects fled the scene prior to police arrival in an unknown direction”.

(Evening Standard)
Karrien Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds nursery on Hermon Hill where the victim works, told the Standard the three attackers were “chanting the Koran”.
She said: “A staff member was coming to work when three Asian girls came up behind her chanting the Koran.
“They pulled her to the ground, kicking and punching her.
“One of them got the knife out and cut her arm.
“They were shouting about Allah, that and the Koran.”

When is a terrorist not a terrorist?
When tomorrow is election day and the attackers identified as Muslim.

Should I feel safe in London?

Ask me one on sport!

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Get rid of London’s mayor AND Theresa May. Never safe in London. Tourism will, if it hasn’t already, dropped significantly. Sad. Very sad, but I know that you and the wife are ever vigilant.

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