Double standards?

Yesterday I answered a search engine question should I feel safe in London.
In it was details of a knife attack (that made the media) on a female nursery nurse by three asian women which was deemed not terrorism.

Today the West Midlands police and media went mental about a social media post where a Quran was burnt. That’s been classed as a hate crime, people have been arrested, and it made the evening TV news.

I get it.
Three Asians on one, using a knife isn’t really worth the label hate crime (probably because it was in London), BUT upset the Muslims and political B.S., political correctness, multiculturalism, and religious tolerance, kicks in BIG TIME.

Double standards? You think.

Next question. If a bible gets burned on social media, I wonder what the response would be? After all it’s not actually illegal to burn a bible in the UK (or a Quran).

Then here’s a thought to chew on.
April 2017. Ukip candidate, Shneur Odze, standing against Andy Burnham in mayoral election is a bible-burning Orthodox Jewish rabbi.
He has apologised for burning a ‘Jewish bible’ and posting the pictures on social media.

Police action against him? Z E  R   O !!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Double standards?

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Double standards are the de rigueur of politicians worldwide. We see it nearly every day. The real funny ones are the actors, actresses, and anyone else that preaches about gun control, yet they are surrounded by armed security and have large walls built around their mansions.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    It’s never the religion of pieces fault- it’s always us infidels fault that they scream allahu akhbar and stab/behead/ blow people up.
    Pointing out the obvious is “hate speech”

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