We are truly FUBAR

General Election Votes counted so far (1050 BST)

318 Conservatives (Tories)
261 Labour
35 SNP (Scotland)
12 Liberal Democrats
10 DUP Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland)

The UK has a hung parliament.
What that means is although the Tories have the biggest party, if everyone gangs up against them, every decision runs the chances of being thrown out.

Which basically means political MAYHEM!

Can any form of sensible government be run within this mess? Probably not.
Did it work with a coalition last time? NO!
Will it work this time? HELL NO!

Brexit is now in danger and the GBP (£) has already bombed in early trading to a seven month low. That will affect trade, imports, prices, in short the whole nine yards.

Could all this lead to civil disturbances?
Of course it could.
No clear leadership is a recipe for discontent.
We are truly, TRULY, ##cked!

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