The subject of rage

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Some will talk about the ragtag makeup of the protestors.
The beer drinking, the ‘violence’.
That damn pig! Bloody stupid thing to do.
Only here’s the thing. None of the ‘UK against hate’ protestors wore masks.
Open faces, and boy the radio interviews and footage clearly expressed the rage.

Meanwhile, there was a counter-protest of fools (Antifa??) that inflamed the situation and when smoke flares were lit, it was them not the main protestors.

Only I’ve got an observation.
The media and government always use the terms ‘near, far, extreme, or something in between right’.

Yet Antifa and the rest of the insipid rabble who welcomed the rapefugees, and support the foul acts of terrorism and sexual abuse by the foreign crap that have invaded our lands are NEVER labeled with anything!

Why is that?

Recently I spoke about the rage within our country. I suggested that without leadership, which we have not got in the UK after the election, it would lead to protest.
This is only the start of a summer of rage.

Then right on cue comes this garbage from Manchester’s leadership.
Mayor Andy Burnham condemns Manchester protest against Islamist terrorism.
He argues about a protest against Islamist terrorism?
In a nutshell the weakness of PC, multicultural, and religious tolerance, leadership is exposed.

One last thing, a comment made that clearly describes the mood of people:-

It’s not ‘far right’ to want to protect your way of life.

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  1. Same sort of thing happening here with about the same sort of coverage…
    God bless

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