Et tu MOD.

Soldiers face being found guilty for crimes they did not commit because they cannot afford to represent themselves in court after facing baseless claims, lawyers claimed yesterday. Military personnel of all ranks are being told by the Ministry of Defence they must pick up a bill of up to £9,000 to have a barrister defend them.

Stabbing in the back is what the Ministry of Defence (MOD) do best.
With the defence secretary, the “Rt Hon” Sir Michael Fallon  Conservative (Tory) Party MP full approval.

Another reason for not joining the Modern Army.
You’ll get no support or protection from (TPTB) aka the MOD or the government from the legal profession.

Not long ago they were also talking about troop numbers dropping to just over 60,000 when the Tories drop their pledge to keep fighting force at target of 82,000.
This on top of a 31 per cent drop in its recruitment numbers in just eight months.

No employer loyalty, no support, and in some camps bad accommodation, lousy food, and poor equipment comes as standard.

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  1. DM says:

    wow, it is unnerving to watch the speed in which these things are taking place…never mind the enemies from without…like a sick body unable to fend off disease…both of our nations are rotting from within.

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