A tale of two politicians

Remember this.
As of 15/6/17 @ 17 h, there are 17 dead, 78 people who were treated at six London hospitals, including 17 who remain in critical care. The forecast is over 100 plus missing and may be dead.

So, Prime Minister Theresa May (Tory) made a private visit to the site of the Grenfell Tower blaze on Thursday, limiting her interactions to emergency workers, and

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, meanwhile, met with survivors and volunteers.

Sound like nothing? It’s actually everything.
While the emergency services all deserve medals, to ignore the victims, them who have lost everything, IMHO is totally arrogant, uncaring, and a typical action of someone who basically doesn’t give a sh’t or doesn’t know any better.

They don’t call the Tories (Conservatives) the nasty party for nothing. Totally out of touch with the people. As for central government rushing resources there to help those who have lost everything and are now homeless? Nope, not a thing.
Except to talk about tomorrow i.e. Public inquiries.
Wow, that really helps the victims now and immediately doesn’t it (NOT)!?!

Luckily, and once again, the British people are there, giving what they can, helping in any way they can. Churches, mosques, charities, the rich and poor doing one thing, help.
Even down to the rapid set up of crisis funds!

From the government in the form of practical aid? Nothing.
That sends a powerful message to me, hows about you?

As I have said many times before.
If you are hoping the government will
Provide, Protect, and otherwise Help,
In a crisis?


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  1. ebolainfo says:

    Is Cruela May afraid that her nasty party’s fake austerity will be called out publicly as the reason for the cost cutting that led to this tragedy?

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