Papers report rising rage.

Friday’s newspaper front pages continue to be dominated by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. “Sadness gave way to fury” on Thursday, the Sun says in its front page story, under the headline: “Now the anger.” It says crowds turned on London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow during visits to the scene.

“Sorrow turns to anger”, is the front page headline on the Daily Telegraph. It says residents of the tower block are now demanding answers as it claims “a litany of failings” led to the fateful fire.

An image of a firefighter inside the charred remains of the tower block is published on the Metro‘s front page alongside the headline: “Arrest the killers”. It quotes Labour MP David Lammy saying corporate manslaughter charges should be brought over safety standards in Grenfell Tower.

The i carries a similar image of a solitary firefighter inside the tower block on its front page, saying public anger is now growing at how such a disaster could be allowed to happen.

“Criminal” is the headline on the front of the Daily Mirror. Instead of an accompanying story, the paper turns its front page over to a short editorial comment in which it says Britain has put profit over safety when it comes to social housing. It ends with the words: “We need answers. We need change.”

Ministers are facing “three lethal questions” over the fire, according to the Daily Mail. It says they must look at the cladding installed on the tower, along with the advice residents were given to stay in their homes in the event of a fire and whether any more UK towers could be a fire risk.

BBC. Maria Vigo has lived opposite Grenfell Tower for 11 years, and she’s upset. Not just with the fire that claimed so many lives in the block she can see from her kitchen window. She’s also upset with how expensive her local playgroup has become, and how the people of North Kensington can’t afford the properties in the area. But – most of all – she’s upset that she’s not being listened to. “There was a lot of anger on the school run this morning,” she says. “There’s a lot of separation between classes and people are telling me that it’s down to social cleansing.”

Sky News. Grenfell Tower: Anger grows over fire amid fears death toll could soar.

Daily Star. Grenfell Tower: Sadiq Khan MOBBED by angry Londoners. Sadiq Khan faced a grilling from a mob of angry Londoners – including a young boy – on his visit to the site of the Grenfell Tower fire

Guardian. Police launch criminal inquiry into Grenfell Tower blaze
Calls made for ban on cladding used on building as it emerges similar materials are illegal in the US

For years the UK’s poor in London’s social housing have been screwed by a lack of resources, under funding, austerity, poor management, and behind it all THE GOVERNMENT and their agents.

I’m thinking Theresa May will probably take a trip abroad as the death toll starts mounting. She’d be well wise too.
Slow to rile, when Londoners rage, everyone gets a bit of their anger.

As for Squid?
He can blame whoever he likes BUT it’s in his ‘manner’, he’s in charge, and politicians words are cheap. This time it’s notable that it’s some of his own criticizing him. What point is there in him playing the Muslim card now as the area is very mixed race, and poor. Remember the “upgrade” to the tower block was carried out with government funding.

My questions after that is:-
Who handled the contracts?
Which branch of London’s ‘city hall’ was monitoring the work?
Who signed it all off as safe?
Was money siphoned off to achieve other ‘essential maintenance’ causing cost cutting on the work?

It’s a can of worms, the lids off, and I’m betting the nations shredders are working overtime in ‘Cover Up’ mode.

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5 Responses to Papers report rising rage.

  1. Brittius says:

    It was reported here in the States, that the death toll has risen to sixteen, and they haven’t even begun to clear the building with a thorough search for bodies.

    How old was that structure?
    What were prevailing building and fire codes when built?
    What were the upgrades?
    What of the building inspection records?

    • Designed in 1967, built 1974 (when computers filled rooms and according to the HSE asbestos can be found in any industrial or residential building built or refurbished before the year 2000).
      There WERE 120 one and two bedroom flats, six apartments per floor on twenty of the twenty-four stories.
      The building had only one entrance and exit.

      As for the regulations? It doesn’t matter about then as most aren’t subject to retrospective actions so you’ve got 40 years of yesterdays engineering with loads of sticking plaster over the cracks..

      A £10 million refurbishment, undertaken by Rydon Ltd, was completed in 2016. This included cladding and new windows.

      Fire Brigade advice?
      “If there is a fire which is not inside your own home, you are generally safest to stay put in your home to begin with; the Fire Brigade will arrive very quickly if a fire is reported.

      Building inspections records were probably stored on the 24 floor. (Alongside the shredder).

      • Brittius says:

        I dislike any floor levels beyond what local fire company ladder lengths are, or which units respond first with how long a ladder.
        When travelling, I do ask what is the length of ladders, and if 100 feet, then I will not go beyond 80 feet, due to street pavement, or roofs needing to be reached. When I was a volunteer firefighter, the subject was covered at length. Some people think it is cool to be at upper floors, but too often over the years, we hear of some event with horrific amazement.

    • The building was apparently built in 1974. There are a lot of unanswered questions and anger if rising. The death toll last night had risen to 17.
      Greed raises its ugly head and I just hope those responsible are held accountable. It won’t bring anyone back, but this needs to be blown wide open.

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