The rage erupts.

Protesters stage sit-in at Kensington Borough Council
Theresa May goes to church to meet families of lost , is greeted by angry protesters, then chased off. The hostile crowd shouted “get her out!” Theresa May was slipped out by a side door and left to shouts of “coward” and stands accused of failing to show “humanity”

Number 10 promises £5 million relief fund for victims
30 confirmed killed, but death toll could rise above 100
24 still in hospital as police do not expect more survivors

The Queen and Prince William met residents affected by blaze in a rest center. That was well received and a damn-cite more than Theresa May did and without any political motive.

More than 2,700 people are said to be attending a Westminster rally on Friday night to demand “justice”.
The problem for TPTB is this is real people they will be are dealing with.
People not blinded or cowed by money, status, or B.S.

This may be the start of Theresa May and the Tory party’s downfall.
Remember no one won the election conclusively and the Tory hold on power is tenuous.
They also forgetting the most important thing about abusing or disrespecting the little people in life. Every career light (political or otherwise) eventually flickers and dies, and it’s a long (painful at times) way down from the top.

Stay tuned, this may get out of hand, big time.


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  1. shtfprepper says:

    I think some countries are at the tipping point of being tired of it’s citizen’s being killed and nothing being done about it except for the coddling of the perpetrators. I now carry another mag for my .45 (giving me a total of 21 rounds).

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