Detached from reality

Nothing demonstrates more the disconnect from what the average Joe and Jane are putting up with and government than this.

They “debated” the question of zero hours contracts.
That’s where you are ’employed’ but have no guaranteed hours, usually minimal wages only for the hours worked, and only when the employers want you.

Almost 1 million people now rely on a job that does not give them any fixed hours for their main source of income, leaving many without the security of knowing they will be able to pay their bills.

The newly appointed Work and Pensions minister once said he understands life on zero-hours contracts because he used to be £250-an-hour barrister. ‘I was an employee not obliged to be given work by my employer and in that particular circumstance I had to accept [that]’.

30 hours work for him is what we live on a year. £7500.
Or nearly a thousand hours on minimum wage.
Out of touch with reality? You think!
Is it any wonder why the real people have had enough?

This is shaping up to be one hell of a stormy summer.

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