The more they dig, the bigger the hole.

When any disaster strikes, the paper trail and any media are going to be trawled for anything inconsistent. Way back too as often it’s the blame game with politicians loving to say “Not my fault, it was the other guy in charge”.
Only this time, although the fire services did outstanding work, they were 27 engines light. Who’s fault was that? It appears it’s going to be:-
Boris (the poodle) Johnson the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
aka The walking train wreck!

As Lord mayor of London, his ‘cuts’ in 2014 saw the closure of 10 fire stations, the loss of 552 firefighters’ jobs and the removal of 27 engines.
During the 2013 London Assembly meeting Mr Dismore can be heard asking Mr Johnson: ‘How can cutting fire stations, cutting fire engines, cutting firefighters’ posts not be a reduction in fire coverage?’

Mr Johnson replies:
‘Because we are improving fire coverage as I have said several times, by continuing to reduce deaths from fire and continuing to reduce the incidence of fire.
That is the name of the game’.
Mr Dinsmore then exclaims: ‘You’ve lied to the people of London in your election.’
Mr Johnson replied: ‘Oh, get stuffed,’ before swiftly apologizing for the comment.

Just a reminder, he is a ‘Front Bench’ Tory Minister.

Could 552 firefighters and 27 more engines have done any more than the attending numbers did? We’ll never know, but that’s not how it will be seen on the streets.

Add another degree to the heat of the anger.

Next one.
In February this year, ministers posted on a government website details of their ‘anti-red tape’ agenda on new-build properties. In a separate report fire safety inspections, the Conservatives said, had been reduced for some companies from six hours to just 45 minutes. The move, titled Cutting Red Tape, was part of the Tory plans to abolish a ‘health and safety’ culture that they claimed was hurting money-making businesses.

See what I meant by the more they dig (the media), the bigger the hole?


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