The thin blue line

UK Police forces are buckling with more than 21,000 bobbies axed since the Tories came to power in 2010. Officers have been cut by 14.9 per cent in England and Wales, yet crime rose by nine per cent last year – and violent offenses were up by nearly a fifth. (Link).

Total police as of Sept 2016? 122,859, down 2715, that’s -2.2% (Source ONS).

With a summer of discontent kicking off, that blue line looks mighty thin.
Time to think a little bit harder about personal security and self-defense.


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  1. equippedcat says:

    What do you want to bet that if a person defends himself, the bobbies left will take the easy road and go after the victim rather than the person(s) who attacked him?

  2. jlm990 says:

    I confess total ignorance of U.K. politics and terminology. My first understanding of “Torries” was in reference to the colonists who still supported the mad square head George in our fight for independence.(scaffolds for many of them) Over the years, the term Conservative and Torry seem to be interchangeable. I was rather fond of Iron Pants Maggie over the Falklands thing, but not familiar with her domestic policy. Please enlighten a poor Colonial and tell me who over there thinks like we do (assuming they are even organized). I’m not sure which home team to root for.

    • DM says:

      I have the same questions 🙂 DM

      • Not asking for much are you two? OK, Here goes.
        The Queen is our ruler BUT has nothing to do with parliament.
        It’s an Oliver Cromwell (1650 ish) sort of thing as he didn’t like the monarchy.

        Parliament consists of the House of Commons with it’s MP’s (elected by the sheeple).
        The House of Lords who aren’t voted for but are ‘appointed’ by parliament, the Queen, and heredity.
        Their aim is to be the ‘checks and balances’ bit to stop the village idiots in the Commons doing something really stupid.

        Sigh, The Political parties.
        There are two main ones.

        Think communism and really sloppy budget control.
        Mass immigration is good, the EU is their Nirvana.
        Used to be ruled by the trade unions but not so much now as the unions are basically defunct.
        Pet hates? The rich and powerful, military (because they are sooo macho), and private ownership of industry.

        Tory aka Conservative.
        Think the stinking rich ruling over the unwashed masses.
        A totalitarian party that maintains complete control of the country and people.
        Controlling all aspects of a citizen’s life and death i.e Work, play, taxation, laws, and education.

        Money is everything to them only without dirty hands.
        Industry, both industrial and service are bad, intellectual money i.e. stock market, insurance, banking is best.
        Pet hates? The poor, disabled, public ownership of industry, the military and emergency services as they have to pay for it.

        As for the rest of the political parties?
        They only come into it after a bad election result.

        Who gets to rule aka Elections.
        The winning party gets a 4 year contract to ru(i)n the country.
        The losers get to moan at everything they do.
        The winner is decided by the FPTP first past the post system.
        FPTP is the voting system used for the election of MPs to ‘seats’ in the UK Parliament.
        It is a system in which the ‘winner takes all’ and usually gives a clear majority both at local and national level.
        This means that a candidate at local level only needs one more vote than the nearest rival to win the seat.

        Similarly, political parties only need to win one more seat in the House of Commons to have a majority.

        There is very little chance of extremist parties being elected to Parliament because they seldom get enough votes at a local level.
        Kinda unfair and generally government alternates between Tory and Labour (The Shits before the shovel).

        Where the little guys come into it is when neither main party has a massive majority.
        Then the big parties need the votes of the little guys who snuck in to support their policy making.
        It never works well.

        As for those political parties?
        Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Green party, Ukip, Plaid Cymru, Scottish National party, Democratic Unionist party, Sinn Féin, SDLP , Ulster Unionist Party.

        Policy and laws.
        Thought up by the maggots in charge aka The cabinet.
        The cabinet is made up of the worst of the toadies who have no real expertise in anything but suck up well to the leader aka the PM.
        What they want to happen is discussed in parliament as a free for all of yelling and screaming.
        Once everyone has had their say, a vote is held to decide if it’s good enough or it gets forced through if the opposition is too weak or divided to stop it.

        That policy is then passed to the House of Lords.
        They ‘should’ apply checks and balances to ensure everything is fair (and legal).
        If they don’t like something it all goes back to the rabble for amendment.
        The rabble (MP’s) never like that and a constant love hate thing (The MP’s love to hate the Lords) is going on the whole time.

        Once everyone sort of agrees (aka the bribes were acceptable) the policy is again voted on and if it passes, the PM goes to see the Queen.

        I said ‘Her Madge’ has no power over parliament but that’s not entirely right.
        For new laws to exist, she has to sign off on them.
        Only I can’t think of the last time she said NO!

        Once she has done the rubber stamp bit, that’s it, it’s law!

        You want more??

      • DM says:

        and I thought our system was a cluster you know what. I do appreciate your Laymen’s breakdown …We have a young friend who lives in your neck of the woods, sounds like she is in love with the Labor party. I just shake my head when I read her this breakdown is helpful!

      • Bear in mind my friend I’m not exactly a fan to our system of government and especially the politicians within it. Whatever flavor they are, they are all as bad as each other.

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