Thousands Protest

THOUSANDS of angry protesters marched on Downing Street demanding justice.
The march chanting “no justice, no peace” at the Government’s response to the disaster.

A few of the more cynical point out that there was a lot of previously prepared signs, some from the “Extreme Left” aka Labour party supporting media. I can’t fight that observation YET what is important and obvious is summed up in three pictures.

The people on the streets, the “Government” hiding behind bars and protected by a shed load of police.

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3 Responses to Thousands Protest

  1. Brittius says:

    Seems that Britain needs a few soccer hooligans or skinheads to remedy that. When finished, send them over this side of the pond.

  2. Brittius says:

    All over, here also, protests are never respected by government. People in government, are arrogant and officious. The only thing that some will understand is when protesters go off kilter. Here, the leftists want to get violent and government let’s it happen, as riots in recent times were allowed. Hooligans and skinheads, would bust a few heads, probably feel much better, and do a world of good, considering what is allowed and the rest of the civilized people are vilified. Government people, work for the People yet are slowly developing into a monarchy, regardless of which political party is elected, almost as if they are schooled once sworn into office. Little options remain, unless civil war is to be condoned, or tolerated.

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