Oh Look Panic!

Tory answer to Grenfell? Throw money at the problem and promise a public inquiry (which will probably take 3-5 years).

Then Squid Khan wrote:
The greatest legacy of this tragedy may well end up being the skyline of our towns and cities. In the postwar rush to reconstruct our country, towers went up in large numbers, most of which are still here today. Nowadays, we would not dream of building towers to the standards of the 1970s, but their inhabitants still have to live with that legacy. It may well be the defining outcome of this tragedy that the worst mistakes of the 1960s and 1970s are systematically torn down. Of course, this must mean people being rehoused in the same areas where they have put down roots.”

Did he just say he’s going to tear down the tower blocks?
According to the media there are 4000 tower blocks of that spec, and 30,000 other buildings are covered with the same cladding.

What’s the plan, rebuild the tower blocks or replace them with social housing and retro fit the 30,000 with safer materials?
Is that just hot air? Is that doable, I mean at all?

The national debt will probably triple but hey, it’s only money!
As for the human cost? He’s going to have to temporarily re-home hundreds of thousands of people as the rebuilds / building and retro fits are carried out.
Probably for many, many years.
Not really thought out? You think!

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  1. Sledgehammer and walnut come to mind.

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