Internet Censoring Starts Soon

This is kinda important.
Theresa May (UK) and Macron (France) are going to force Internet providers to install automated censorship on all web traffic or face heavy fines.

No joking, the link above is the UK Government website for all things official.
France is on the main European Digital Backbone and that should concern everyone.
As for the UK’s reasons? They just want to censor the world.
As for them saying this is about tackling radicalization?
Don’t make me laugh.

So, if you haven’t downloaded TOR, do it now and get to know how it works, and if you are in contact with people on a regular basis, establish protocols ASAP.

Remember, Mission creep is what the UK does best.
Tomorrow it’ll be Europe.
By the weekend? A large slice of the world.

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6 Responses to Internet Censoring Starts Soon

  1. Brittius says:

    I dumped TOR. The government has the keys from one of TOR’s developers they paid a couple million in cash.
    I wanted to get onto the deep web, but always kept popping up to the surface. I gave up.

  2. God did not say: thou shalt censor.

  3. shtfprepper says:

    I wonder if George Orwell is laughing right about now? (Yeah, I know he’s dead, but…)

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