Gain over Dollar Cost.

2014 the Cost of a Brimstone was  £105,000, and a Paveway IV £22,000

Typhoons flying as pairs, employed one Brimstone missile and four Paveway IVs to eliminate two machine-gun teams and three other Islamic State strong points.

That’s £298,000.

The next day, Tornado’s and Typhoons suppressed a Islamic State position in Raqqa, and struck six more positions in Mosul, again using a Brimstone and Paveway IV mix to deal with snipers and a machine-gun team.

I’ve got no idea what that particular jolly cost!
To that we’ll have to include the running of 4 military jets for two days.

I wonder what the gain was, you know, the result of all those $ and £’s going boom?

War today looks like it’s being treated like a computer game by the US and UK military.
I also reckon I know why BOTH our respective countries are running healthy overdrafts aka National debts?
It’s nothing to do with welfare or exchange rates or the price of biscuits.

I reckon it all boils down to ENDLESS WAR!

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3 Responses to Gain over Dollar Cost.

  1. As I have said before, there are a lot of ways to win a war. One of them is to make the cost so high that you opponent gives up. Or make the cost so high their economy fails. Comparing the materiel cost of munitions like these not to mention the operational costs of high tech weapons, the training costs, logistics costs and equipment costs of to those same costs for our enemies over there and the fact is they are bleeding us dry. They will likely win by toppling our economy. To be truthful, they are only pushing our toppling economies the last step or so. Decades of overspending have already done the heavy lifting.

    • I feel a bit let down by your Mr. Trump. I thought his plan was to draw America away from endless war. If he had been true to his word it MAY have De-escalated world aggression and his pet puppy (the UK) wouldn’t be the willing to engage others on their own. To wage war takes two sides.

      If the good guys won’t fight in foreign lands, it reduces war to civil war. I’ve no problem there, after all before the ‘world’ intervened in the Middle East, I still remember a man stood there with an armful of dirty water containers saying “Saddam was bad, that was true, but at least the water flowed from the taps”.
      Global peace keeping wrecks infrastructure. Who suffers? Them who were NEVER a part of the problem.

  2. Ultra high-tech warfare. Expensive, but a small price to pay for keeping the masses in the US and UK mostly ignorant about The never-ending killing of people and trashing of civilized infrastructure. The money is cheap and nearly unlimited. You can always print more money. In 10 years, maybe less, war waged by the “Advanced” part of the world will be managed by AI and carried out by drones and robots.

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