NIMBY moaning

(NIMBY) Not In My Back Yard
The Government announced 68 social homes would be made available in ‘Up Market’ Kensington Row to families left homeless in the blaze that killed at least 79 people, and whoosh some of the stinking rich who live there have gone ballistic.

Not all of them mind but it is a sign of what will get worse over time.
It’s a clear indicator of the social and economic divide that exists within Sadiq Khan’s manor. Them who have everything, and them with little if anything.

No I’m not some communist, anarchist, hang the rich, type of person (sort of, as some deserve that BIG TIME) but having seen the wealthy at their VERY worse when on the streets of London, nothing has changed some 30 years on.

To me it’s simple.
The class division that still exists within ‘modern, culturally and religiously diverse’ Inner London never went away, it also shows the ignorance of the government to the social makeup of the population and the DEEP DIVIDE which will cause conflict as two different societies are forced to live in close proximity to each other.

Remember white flight? For some it never happened.
Money can insulate you against the worse of multicultural and religiously tolerance.
Only now ‘them who matter’ will be reevaluating their position and probably leave, taking their money with them.

Good, bad, who really gives a toss?
We will only know the effect after they have gone and who then fills in the void.
Or if the reaction of the few (snobs and pricks) with loads of money is sufficient to change political minds.

(Personally, I’m thinking that’s exactly what will happen).

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One Response to NIMBY moaning

  1. Whilst I am glad the unfortunate victims are going to be rehoused in ‘luxury’ as it is being described, it will have a knock on effect. The rich neighbours won’t like it, and the new arrivals won’t fit into their society. Bills in such property will be beyond them and so the government will support them (and so they should), so again the rich will get pi55ed off which in turn will cause an even bigger rift and conflict. So the rich move away, and their properties lie empty because of ‘the neighbours’ and the area goes into decline, more fitting to those used to a poorer way of life. I do not mean this nastily. Far from it.
    It’s human nature. Them that have loads don’t want to share or be seen with those who have nowt. We all sh!t the same, it’s just that some bathrooms have gold taps.

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