3 Million get to stay?

Weak, positively weak.
One of the huge problems in the UK is migrant workers flooding the job market.
Cheap labor, causing long-term unemployment for millions.
And no I don’t see a million on ‘zero hours contracts’ as being employed!
There is also welfare, healthcare, education even housing to consider.
All swamped by the sheer weight of numbers of foreign workers and their families.

It was one of the major factors that swung Brexit.
And now our “fearful of a fight” leader wants 3 million of someone else s problem to stay?

As for people who have moved to Europe to retire or work?
If they love it so much then they should have gained citizenship there.
They haven’t because of laziness, taxation, and the ‘fear’ of losing welfare some of them are still getting. I have non sympathy for them.

Then they are apparently due to start talking about how much WE OWE THEM!!! WTH.
Billions given to a failed experiment and we have to pay to leave?

Why doesn’t she just bend over and raise her skirts on behalf of the UK.
It’ll cut down on the foreplay and get the fk’ing over in half the time.


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