The West’s leadership all ignore the threat of radical Islam.

A post written from reading an article in a blog named “For Common Ground”,

The West?
The leadership bit is right but in truth its Christianity and it’s ideology that ignores the threat of Islam.
That’s because Christianity is a forgiving, appeasement and cooperative religion.

Anyway this ‘ignoring the threat’ is not limited to the US.
All of the “Western philosophy” leadership of the world refuse to acknowledge the threat of radical Islam. That leadership, and in the main their indigenous population, all follow the religious and cultural policies of appeasement. Christian values.

Looking at the difference between the West’s ideology and (dare I say) the old Soviet Union mentality (communism via total control).

They both have/had a Christian element.
I think the ‘communists’ hit the nail on the head about the weakness of Christian values a while ago when they tried to eliminate it. They believing that total control through strength is what keeps people safe and ‘buoyant’. Bowing down to others and ‘turning the other cheek’ weakens the whole.

Where they went wrong was accepting the Wests lax, weak, ideology.
Once they did that the break up of the old USSR was inevitable.
Only the old ways die-hard and we see that in the Eu’s Eastern states resisting the Islamic invasion that the weaker Eu’s appeasement policies is trying to force upon them.
Strength is better to protect the whole than appeasement.

There is an old saying, the most committed win.
That’s probably why Islam will eventually win as the Wests leadership tries to not upset anyone by forcing their population to accept EVERYTHING in the vain hope that knowledge of the other will allay conflict. That’s pure 100% weakness.

On the other hand Islam is based on one base philosophy, their religion, is the only religion. The lesser element of “submission and obedience” being one and the same.
Thus they serve their religion above all others to the extent that if you don’t convert, you become an enemy to their religion.

And their teachings ‘seem to advocate’ violence towards unbelievers.
That’s a strength religion not one of appeasement.

If anything will beat radical Islam I find myself wondering if the necessary leadership will have to come from those Eastern European states.
Our current leadership, rule of law, and ideology (political or not) making them too weak to protect our population from the oncoming storm.

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  1. It has only been in the last few decades (at least in the US) that Christianity has been reimaged in the way you describe. Yes, there have always been outliers like the Mennonites and Amish but for the most part there is nothing in the Bible that teaches appeasement or ignoring the threat. Unfortunately, too many people ignore the truth and instead twist it to reflect what they want to believe. This is nothing new either. Paul writes about examples of this in the church from 2000 years ago.

    In fact, especially when it comes to fighting Islamic aggression the Catholic church has a long history of supporting those who fight against it. The support of the Popes for the Holy Roman Empire, to a great extent, was to counter the threat of Islamic incursion. The title was granted after Charlemagne stopped a Moorish invasion of France. During at least part of this time the seat of the Papacy was in Avingnon, not Rome, partially because it had already been sacked by Islamic forces and was unsafe. I believe the church even supported the Spanish kings in their efforts to push back the Islamic invasions. Many of the Crusades were sponsored by the church and martial religious orders such as the Templars and the Teutonic order were the staunchest defenders of the west against the Islamic threat.

    The problem with the West is more a matter of weakness of spirit and resolve that has nothing to do with religion. We build great civilizations and economies then turn those over to weaker and weaker generations who are not willing or able to even comprehend that keeping them require effort and sacrifice. Time after time Western civilizations have fallen to this cycle while the Islamic aggressors wait in the wings. The downfall of the Roman Empire did not begin with its conversion to Christianity. It began when mothers no longer gifted their sons a shield and expected them to use it to defend the empire or die trying. That began long before the spread of Christianity.

    God bless

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