As dawn came up.

Early, real early, but I needed a walk.
Not unknown, nice pre-dawn day, and warm.
So out I go, no dog, no cars, a quiet time to calm the mind.

Ordinarily there are very few around at that time but today?
A group of seven military age “of foreign race” males with bags, back packs, with that ‘unwashed look’ that you get when rough sleeping, appeared from a stand of trees near to us and walked away.

They knew I was there, the occasional furtive look behind was enough to convince me of that. It could have been totally innocent, maybe a grown up sleep out?
LOL, but somehow I don’t think so.
Besides my ‘spidey senses’ went off like a rocket!
So on the mobile I phoned up ‘our thin blue line'(TBL).
Here’s how that ‘concerned public minded call went’.

TBL. 20 questions later I was asked what I wanted them to do about it?
Me. Er, investigate, come and see, check them out, what else?
TBL. Only the voice (male) said but they haven’t done anything wrong!
Me. How would you know that without sending someone to check?
TBL. It could be nothing.
Me. How would you know that, etc?
TBL. We’ll log the call and send someone free later in the shift.
Me. You’re kidding right?
TBL. Thank you for your call. [Click]

In a nutshell you’ve got the reason why we’re in the mire regarding possibly illegal immigrants and the police in general. The UK’s thin blue line, not on their ’emergency’ phone line, just don’t give a toss.

Sigh. I could have phoned another agency but hey, if the TBL aren’t interested, why should anyone else in ‘authority’ in the UK react any differently.

What I’m not going to do is go into the trees to see what it’s all about because of previous experience of doing just that i.e. The filthy bastards don’t use toilet paper!
Lack of camp craft skills previously included smashed bottles and jagged cans.
That and it’s sufficiently dense to prevent me seeing if anyone else is present from a distance. Besides that, I’m on my own, and more importantly, unarmed.
Unarmed? A bit dramatic some may think.
Only there was the case of charity workers entering such a group to offer aid and being attacked. As for me, on my own, now on sticks? I don’t do stupid nowadays.

Ho hum.
Taking a roundabout route home, I’m sat typing this thinking ‘local Intel is gold when tracking the movement of strangers’. At least it was once!
Such Intel was however welcomed in another county we lived in (Lincolnshire) and that was farming land! After all locals KNOW when someone doesn’t belong, some rightfully passing their concerns on. Could it be it’s because it’s a different police force?
Probably, as our local police force aren’t exactly know for their stellar performance.

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