Supposition and the WP

Apparently there is a WP report out that says without any doubt Putin ordered “interference” with the US’s 2016 election.
Even down to a PowerPoint like presentation of the ‘facts’.

Only here is the rub.
It was known about over a year ago but not acted on.
So why was that?
Inefficiency, stupidity, or did clearer minds think the Intel not worth the paper it was written on? Until the world is shown ‘the order’ with Putin’s name on it, consigned by his grandmother, the world will be skeptical about all such claims made by the CIA and other US alphabet agencies.

Why? Because some of the world hasn’t forgotten about the ‘Intel’ that led to IRAQ and their mythical WMD’s.

Personally I think this is just another attempt by Trump’s ‘enemies within’ to destabilize the US government. To what end? Money and greed come to mind.

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