Calais! What can the truckers do?

Calais, and truckers have to run the gauntlet of logs and fires on roads, and can suffer intimidation, and violence.
Where the worlds filth try anything from slashing tarpaulins, destroying fiberglass tops, smashing locks, and climbing under the trailers to stow aboard in their attempts to reach the UK.

What can the truckers do about it when faced by armed rabid illegals?
Apart from using strong words and perhaps a pick axe handle, NOTHING!
They can’t chuck in CS gas, dogs aren’t an option, port security fail for the large percentage of the time, and as for the French police? Don’t make me laugh.

The upshot of finding a turd or two on, in, or under the trailer is the UK government fine the drivers/haulage firms £2000 for each body.

It’s a good money-making scheme for the government too.
For the year to date 2016/7,  3522 were fined.
A recorded £7.8 million last year.
That’s one reason why goods prices are rising.
Fine the truckers and they boost the carriage fees, or route from Holland bypassing Calais which also boost the haulage fees in time and fuel.

What to do about it?
Give the truckers ‘Carte Blanche’ to do whatever they have to, with whatever they want.
The discovered trash tipped onto the side of the port roads for the authorities to clean up, no questions asked.

Then force the ferry companies to provide search teams and the authority to cage whatever they find on their open decks until they can be craned back onto French soil. Again, no questions asked. Thus the filth never make it to UK soil and are returned to sender on the flip trip.

Having worked on a port, I know this filth as cunning and brazen.
Once they have broken out of the secure area, they are officially on UK soil.
Only there is the rub for the UK port security.
Stopping them from breaking out or even grabbing them, you aren’t allowed to be armed!
AND you never know what you are up against.
Then, as always, the police arrive AFTER the event.

Ever wondered why it looks like the 30 oz. , foot long version of the heavy-duty aluminum Maglite is standard issue for guards? They’re not, and they are usually bought by the guards themselves! That and some carry WD40 in a belt pouch to ease those sticky padlocks.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Shoot ’em all and let God (or Allah?) sort ’em out.

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