Oh look, White elephants float!

Britain’s largest ever warship is due to squeeze out of its dockyard for the first time as early as Monday afternoon, as the ship heads out on sea trials.

The 65,000 ton HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to slip out of Rosyth dockyard and into open water through an exit with only 14 in clearance on either side and 20 in of water under the keel. No catapults and going to be equipped with F35’s, all currently grounded, because they are basically useless!

Know what else is on my mind?

  • The bigger the ship, the more can go wrong.
    Especially as it’s bound to have state of the art EVERYTHING!
  • The bigger the ship the easier it is to disable in combat.
    No I’m not thinking cruise missiles or even torpedoes.
    I’m thinking about the Russians disabling the USS Donald Cook with their EW pods.
    Or, following an EMP pulse or two all you’ve got left is a rather large floating bucket without a mark on it!
  • Aircraft carriers need (funny enough) aircraft.
    So what exactly was the logic of not fitting catapults?

Sigh, Political ship building at it’s very best (not).

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One Response to Oh look, White elephants float!

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Looked at some images of the ship. Holy crap. That’s a big ol’ bastard. I see the “jump” ramp for the vertical take-off jets. Let’s hope the sea trials don’t cause too much of a ruckus.

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