I wish you’d leave the puppy outside!

BRITAIN will support any fresh retaliation by the United States for the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government of Bashar Assad, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said.

There was no solid proof who released the chemicals the last time.
There will probably be no solid proof the next time!
And someone (no names mentioned) is very good at running false flagged operations which is probably why there is no proof one way or the other!

Also going through my mind is the FALSE INTEL (without doubt from the US alphabet security agencies) that led to the Iraq War(s).

Trust, a life time to build up only took Bush and Blair seconds to destroy!

Anyway if our wondrous failed nursery nurse of a Defense Secretary Fallon had half a brain cell he’d realize the scene is now set for another false flag Op.

There is another consideration.
Russia has put NATO and the coalition of other sheeple on notice that jets will be shot down if anyone tries the “butting in” again.

I’m thinking, just perhaps, the US/UK military ‘geniuses’ might think about that one too.
After all the Russians have deployed the ultimate in SAM systems.

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