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Theresa May of the UK’s Tory Party won the election but not enough to govern.
So she has just bought the necessary votes from a smaller political party (DUP) using ‘the peoples money’ to increase government spending to the area they work in, Northern Ireland.

(With the expected backlash and anger from other areas who now want the same).

So how exactly was doing that a clear mandate for her to govern from the people?
How exactly was that democracy? (i.e. buying votes to rule)

Many think this government won’t last the full term.
I’m not sure about that happening but I am thinking that Theresa May won’t last much longer as there is talk in the media and “The house” about candidates for her job.

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

The only thoughts after that are:-

  • Just how bad will Brexit get as the leadership turmoil is exploited by the EU and,
  • Can any of the political factions within the UK be deemed as ‘fit to rule’ or,
  • will any of them be seen as ‘desirable’ in the eyes of the general population to take over?

If no one can answer that conclusively, you have to question the whole idea of the UK’s notion of democratic government.
That’s because today, now, it’s not who you fear, loath, or admire who is ruling.
It’s become the lesser of multiple evils who has gained power, buying what they need to secure their position.

Difficult times are upon us.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    For both our countries… One clusterfuck after another and so many political fires burning at the same time.

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