The Terrorist’s friend ‘Corbyn The Red’.

Oh look,
Senior military police and defense sources say there is “strong evidence” SAS personnel killed rather than captured unarmed Afghan civilians who were suspected of being Taliban insurgents during night raids on their homes.

This gets me so flaming mad!

The SAS have their reasons for moving fast and hard and I’m also guessing that some of these poor peace-loving Afghans might not have been the paragons of virtue some poxy military police staffer thinks they were.

I’m also thinking that this staff officer of the Military Police persuasion is looking to make a name for himself (other than ‘ahole’). Ordinarily some ‘learned officer’ would tell the idiot staffer concerned and their defense source to “go forth and multiply” as the SAS is off-limits.

BUT look what happens!
Somehow the IRA terrorist’s personal friend
Corbyn the Red gets involved.

So is this another witch hunt in the offing?
Corbyn will argue this to its last point demanding another expensive pointless witch hunt of the finest in the British Armed Forces proving without a doubt that apart from loving himself he loves TERRORISTS above this country.

Sometimes I wonder if this particular ‘enemy within’ is worthy of patriotic re-education.

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