Hamburg’s Hell Week.

German Chancellor ‘Mutti’ Angela Merkel condemned the violent protests as ‘unacceptable’.

I can imagine the conversation between her ego and the security chief.
Him. “Don’t hold the talks in Hamburg, we can’t control the situation in a city”.
Her. ” I bought in over a million of Muslims into the city without any problems”.
Him. The protesters will wreak the city.
Her. They wouldn’t dare with me in charge.

Him. “Whatever you’re on, can I have some!”

Over 200 police have been reported as injured requiring hospital treatment.
By her measure of success I suppose that’s acceptable as not one migrant will be hurt during the making of “Welcome To Hell” week.
(That’s because it’s a sackable offense to list anything to do with the migrants.)
As for the cost?
It’s estimated at €185 million, but that doesn’t include the cost of rebuilding.

Personally having seen the results of poor command structures and even worse the politics that affect their decision-making, you’ve got to wonder why professionals even try to advise the fools in charge.

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2 Responses to Hamburg’s Hell Week.

  1. jlm990 says:

    I am hoping that “Mutti”s days are numbered. But I see no acceptable replacement in sight. At least our Froggy Friends had the option of Marine. But they chose to raise the white flag. Again. I find it interesting that many of the former East Block countries get it. Poland, Hungary, some others. Perhaps they may become the building blocks of restoring Western culture in Europe again.

    • Old school “USSR” values will always win over the Liberal progressive limp wrist stupidity of modern Western politics.

      Sound like I admire the East Bloc?
      Yep, sort of. At least when they act it’s without guile, it puts order into chaos, and questions the actions of the weaker political minds of Europe.

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