A Medieval Parade.

Shame we’re moving away as this little town has one heck of a community spirit.

Today it was their yearly medieval grand parade.
Knights on horse, loads of lovely drums being beaten to hell, many floats by various town groups, flag ‘dancing’, everyone in costume including (as always) loads of kids from babies to 90 plus and all having a great time.

12 snaps, 120 still in the camera!

Tonight it’ll be camp fire time, old English recipes, and probably loads of ‘grog’.
Tomorrow is another reenactment of the battle of 1471.
Loads of canon, muskets, and pikes.

Loud? You think!!!!!!!

(And yes, as always, the good guys get to win!)

Yep, a tribute to ‘little England’, and our great ‘old English’ traditions and customs.

As for some politician preaching we’re still all European and multicultural?
Not even a whisper about that will disturb this town’s fun but, if a fool did, they should remember that the enemy leadership were executed immediately after the battle.

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  1. Brittius says:

    A bit touristy. Now, if there was ever a festival where men were attired in three piece suits with bowtie and bowler, smoking cigars and enjoying a port or sherry, that, would be interesting, and I am confident, that Mr. Churchill would approve.

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