Media Comment Hamburg

Mutti is taking flak big time.
Bild in Germany printed a truth which everyone should inwardly digest:-

“The terrible message of Hamburg is:
When the mob wants to rule, it will.”

Spiegel Online:-
[Merkel] “must realise that it is mostly pictures of burning cars and black-clad radicals that will be remembered from the G20 summit”.
“Many had warned against hosting such a huge event in a major city with a left-wing radical scene.” (Nice to see someone identifying the Left Wing as being responsible.)

Only now the security services are pitching in and they are well p#ss’d off.
(AFP) “The politicians carry the sole responsibility for the many injured police officers and the destruction across the city,” the union’s Hamburg chairman Jan Reinecke told news weekly Der Spiegel. (Over 200 police injured).

From Mutti’s own political party (CSU) came:-
(Spiegel Online) “The G20 summit should never have been held in a city of millions like Hamburg. Security is way too difficult to control there.”

Political Words are cheap, Damage expensive
Be it from protesters or massed immigrants
Mutti’s ego, as always the cause.

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