UK housing shocker.

Who comes first, us Brits or refugees?
Stupid question really as:-
A £400,000 seven bed house owned by ‘social housing’ has been reserved for Syrian refugees.

It used to house needy youngsters who mysteriously are no longer needy.
There is another tiny issue to consider.
1132 local people are on the local homeless lists, desperate for accommodation, but won’t get a look in.

Out of them, 158 need three-bedroom homes, 31 need four-bedroom properties, six need five bedrooms and one is waiting for a six bedroom house.
No matter, they are only British people.
Part of the massive homeless problem within the UK’s indigenous population.

The owners say refugees will be moved in within weeks, under the care of the Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s constituency as part of the Government’s Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme. (How positively spiffing for them).

Ukip saying when this came to light:-
“What more proof do we need of the Government not putting British people first?

Take a wild guess what I’m thinking?

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