The many not the few

Pay in cash? You’re not a ‘good citizen’
Corbyn the Red joins call to END cash-in-hand jobs.

The Labour party leader (and terrorist friend) joins the political screaming to do away with cash. Only Why? Both sides of government are now claiming that everyone who works cash in hand is a CRIMINAL and never pays taxes on what they earn.

Oh I get it! It’s an attack on the little guys in life (AGAIN!)

OK, some do make loads of money and don’t pay their taxes.
The corporations mainly, big business, plus the odd ahole in life.

Only now the government will be actively targeting the OAP or them who can’t work.
They who can very slowly mow a lawn, tidy a hedge, clean windows, walk dogs, or do whatever they can to supplement their pension or other income (for example welfare).
Not forgetting the numerous kids who babysit, wash cars, or do the shopping for someone to make some pocket-money.

Then there is the jobber, the handyman, altmuligmann, and anything possible man.
The friendly neighbor ‘with skills’.
Someone who will repair a toaster to fix a computer problem.
Who can keep your lawns free of moles and controls rabbit, squirrel, vermin and feather, who works to ‘no catch, no fee’.
They will repair a fence as opposed to paying for a full fence panel, replace a shingle, rod drains, paint a door, a garden gate, replace light bulbs, free a lock, shave a sticking door, oiling hinges, replacing tap washers, sharpening knives. All those 1001 little jobs.

Most of these little guys (and girls) work by word of mouth.
Some work for ‘whatever’ plus the cost of the spares they use.
As for the whatever? That’s variable.
A bag of shopping is nice, a gallon of fuel useful, a few quid really good.
It’s the sort of economy that supports them who can’t afford a lot, if anything.

Am I talking about a mythical world, one that doesn’t exist?
No I’m not because poverty in the UK is endemic and without the little jobbers in life so much would be thrown away, not replaced, or just left in a state of disrepair because the owner can’t afford to pay one of the millions of overcharging professional tradesmen and big business.

Only why are they overcharging?
TAXATION, over regulation, and greed, with big business not paying any taxes AT ALL!

The values of Government on both sides of the coin are one of control, greed, and oppression. They striving to keep you poor when you already are, keep you rich if you already but only because they need the rich.

Now we face an attack on cash. The only way some people can live.
It also clearly shows how out of touch governments are.

Without cash the very fabric of life for some will have to change to barter or some other form of currency. If anything things will get more difficult for the government to collect tax and we’ll return to the government putting a price on goods used as payment. A kilo of bacon means you owe the government 5 rashers from the stack. Personally I’d eat the bacon and send the results back to them having been “processed by nature”.

Remember a lot of people in the UK are so poor they can’t get a bank account!
Many never earn enough to pay taxes anyway.
So no cash, no taxes, no buy, a life of crime beckons!

Ultimately it’s a plain old money grab by the rich.
Them pretending to represent the many and pretending to care about the poor.

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