Heart Attack UK

Bang! and you re dealing with a heart attack.
Time is of the essence and even with assistance (someone pounding on your chest), there is a need to get a medic to you as soon as possible.

Except in the UK.

NHS bosses say the ambulance emergency response reforms (which mean you won’t get help within 8 minutes anymore) will save lives and ensure patients get the right treatment.

This ‘right treatment’ equates to a projected delay of 18 minutes for urgent cases, 40 minutes plus for anything else!

I wonder if these NHS experts have ever tried to give a person CPR for a protracted period on your own? It’s exhausting if it goes on for longer than 10 minutes.

Chest compression’s, life breaths, again , and again, and again only this time you’ll have to take time off to talk to an operator for up to 4 FOUR minutes while they sup tea and work out if you’re dying buddy or relative is worthy of a blue light response.

As for massive bleeding, say a torn major artery?
Death without loads of pressure may only take minutes.
Probably the four you waste answering pointless questions on the phone.

Yet I get it completely.
Why rush when the waste of time on the phone, saving of money, and subsequent death of the unfortunate will mean all the crews have to do is arrive and scoop the body at their leisure. That is after the further extended delay waiting for an on call doctor to arrive and pronounce death due to cost saving.

Only imagine if someone ‘volatile’ with imagination loses someone close to them this way. Them then grabbing the nearest NHS boss or health secretary and causing the same level of injury, giving them a mobile phone to call for help, and standing back to watch the fun.

After all it’s written somewhere
Do unto others what they do unto you!

What you think that unlikely? How naive.
I’m a firm believer that political and fat cat decision-making that costs lives should suffer consequences for making stupid, and/or fateful decisions. Only thing is there are many others besides me who undoubtedly share that notion.

Some with a really low-level of self-control.

I’m also thinking that after a few of the more scummy top echelon have been topped, I suspect there will be a rapid revision of policy. Self preservation has a way of sharpening thinking, even with politicians.

East of England Ambulance Service is urging secondary schools to sign up to a lifesaving lesson later this year. More than 150,000 children and young people across the country learnt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Restart a Heart Day last year.

So there you go, if you want to survive a heart attack in the East of England after they have reduced your access to ambulance cover, find a school kid. The government’s answer to cutting medical services.

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  1. Next they’ll be asking your occupation and ethnic origin on the initial criteria phone call

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