A Day of Flags

Labour MP attacks ‘racist’ Black Country flag designed by schoolgirl

An MP provoked anger after claiming the regional flag designed by an English 12-year-old schoolgirl was racist.

The red and black colors were chosen in reference to US diplomat Elihu Burritt, who described the area’s glowing iron-works as “black by day and red by night” in the 1860s. The chains were intended to commemorate the iron workers who made chains for ships’ anchors. The white is a symbol of the region’s glass-making heritage since 1790.

So who is the MP who attacks years of England’s industrial heritage claiming racism?

All becomes clear.

Labour’s Eleanor Smith is of African Caribbean heredity, hatched in Birmingham in the 50’s (which made her British NOT ENGLISH), the newly elected MP for Wolverhampton South West (Enoch Powell’s old seat), called for the Black Country flag to be scrapped for its “offensive” use of chain-making imagery.

What, ships chains are racist? Dur!
This is what happens when you have no choice, or are conned into voting for someone, even if they haven’t a clue about what old England’s history was, especially the very region she was meant to represent.

A vote for Labour is to vote for promoting racial division.

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