The error of getting excited.

Forever the pessimist, a million and one things can go wrong with the buying process so I’m not holding my breath (yet).

And exhale!
A million and one reasons? The one has appeared.
Day one and the house purchase goes on hold!

We’ve got degrees of home ownership in the UK.

  1. One’s called Freehold where you own everything from the shingles to the driveway.
  2. Another type of Freehold is you own the property forever but NOT the land it stands on so pay rent. Typically park homes. The trailer park sort of thing.
  3. To leasehold where you own the property for a set time (/in years), but also have to pay ground rent and maintenance.
  4. To rental where you don’t own jack$41t!

I’m very proactive when it comes to our money as we haven’t got a lot.
So I’m checking things out on the internet and find on the title-deed .  .  .  .
The property is freehold BUT the land is leasehold.
You may notice that’s item 2 on the list.

So we’ve contacted the realtor and surprise, surprise, he knew nothing about it!
OK, I’ll give him the benefit of doubt as some vendors are ‘forgetful’ when discussing little things like ownership.

Only now the B.S. is coming down the phone and B.S. doesn’t baffle my gray matter, it just makes me MAD! Anyway, tomorrow is another day.
Unless the title deeds are changed to a true FREEHOLD, we have to walk, or is it run, or is it just cry a bit lot while running!

The car is already sighing and thinking OMG, how many more miles do I have to do before I go to that almighty car park in the sky?

As for SWMBO? Like me she is well stressed.
So, its ice cream all around (comfort food) and two Valium then early to bed.
Trying to sleep but thinking:-
My poor aching legs, back, arms, head, eyes, actually it might be easier to list what doesn’t hurt. That’s going to be my left earlobe (if I can keep the sun off it).

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5 Responses to The error of getting excited.

  1. Unless SWMBO hits you ( 😉 )

  2. GOD bless you to find the right one @ the right price…

  3. Brittius says:

    Beware: A realtor, “forgot” to put my bid in for this house. Oh, he had “paperwork errors”. I found the listing agent and made him (dual representative license), place my bid, and then my attorneys did the calls and I cut the checks. Then about two months later, I found out that the original realtor, bid on my home. A month later, he was going nuts over not being the highest bid and how my down payment was accepted. It was the fifth home he did that to me and I caught wise. Be certain to contact the listing agent of the home. “Errors”, turn me angry and I start thinking like the person I used to be when I was hate filled.

    Do a checklist. Enough cash for a down payment. Enough money for attorney fees. Enough money for the closing. Enough money for title insurance. Enough money for half year property taxes. Enough money for homeowners insurance. Enough money for two payments socked away. Enough money for flood insurance if necessary or required as stipulation of the bank mortgage. It took me half hour to close on my home in 1984; It took me four hours to close on my current home in 2016.

    Take absolutely nothing for granted. Banks’ mortgage section wants to play hardball, you do the same, and remember they only want to make a profit, and pull the rug out from under you if given opportunity. They are not your friends.

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