Criminal youth own the streets.

A pub landlord, Stephen Jamieson, who was plagued by gangs of youths has been jailed, for assaulting a teenager he accused of throwing stones, breaking windows and doors.

His partner told the newspaper,
“There is a gang going around robbing houses, stealing cars and attacking businesses.”
Typically the police had done nothing even after CCTV was handed over.
She went on to say, “The people of Heywood are in uproar about it. People are on about starting vigilante groups, but we can’t take the law into our own hands – look what has happened to Stephen.”

And there is the kicker.
Police won’t act to catch the youths, to protect the law-abiding, but will ‘protect’ the scum when they receive a bit of street justice.

Only they might have miscalculated on this one.
Their actions, and that of the courts, may have thrown the Payback Switch anyway as anger rises. The danger now is the youth will be ‘re-educated’ anyway in response to the landlords jailing. Only it won’t be a simple warning and a gentle slap around the ear.
I’m thinking:-

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  1. Brittius says:

    Pickaxe handle, is a thing of beauty. Rough sand the factory finish off of it, then file and rough up, the area where the hands will lovingly wield it. A true joy to behold.

    • Beautifully balanced, multiple uses, and above all not too heavy to handle effectively!

      BUT, the elite weapon of wood weapons has got to be the hurling stick.
      Think a couple of notches under full on warfare without the bullets. The force imparted by that head is EPIC!

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