Ho hum, easy come, easy go.

That didn’t take long, and the house purchase collapses.
Sigh. A trust issue i.e. we didn’t like (and neither did our legal council) the whole way things were panning out. So, email sent, all over and done with, we move on.

As for the car?

It’s really looking forward to
the forthcoming trip(s).

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  1. Brittius says:

    Keep looking. What about a rural area? Wife works? If so, look on a map the routes from her place of employment, to a rural area. Don’t know what square footage you can afford, but perhaps if just a bit more outside of a suburb, the taxes will be easier, and the area quiet. As you are on a shoestring, you will not physically be able to do any “bull work”, therefore the home has to be in good order. Sound roof. Good heating system.
    Do not quit. From November 2012 until November 2015, then March 2016 when we closed on this home, that was a lot of driving around and looking at numerous homes. Yes, there were many, that I wanted but too many issues involved, such as one with a 70 foot bulkhead (stuff dreams are made of) but it was destroyed and the State issues Condemnation Order for it to be torn down and rebuilt, costing $85K, and the house had to be lifted and finished at $105K, on top of a $250K price, but I was walking around the place in a stupor of lust for that home. Realtors tried to push shoeboxes, needing repairs, and a high price, for 600 to 900 square feet. So we looked at foreclosure homes and got this one. 1100 square feet, with full basement 100 square feet (have a custom built workbench and 8.0’x4.0′ billiard table (Yes, I also love snooker). The house was tied up in foreclosure and abandoned since 2011, and I had to do a total roof teardown and rebuild at $30K, then the heat system high efficiency cost $12K. Another $55K in repairs. BROKE!!
    Much let downs in between with other homes. Found one on a bay with its own beach. Square footage 2500, brick construction, but interior destroyed from the flood, and the bank wanted the home lifted as requirement of mortgage. The owner wanted carriage trade prices, and we walked away after many trips there and going through the motions. Stressful. When you do purchase, after you move in and get settled, you will need about a month to destress. Until then, approach it as a military operation (I kid you, not). Look at road maps and topographic maps. Take notes. Find answers. You have tie and your age on your side, as you are still, a youth (no joke).
    Best of Luck. Chin Up!

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