How knife safe is the UK?

There was a knife amnesty in the county of Essex recently.
Think of a state that is only 1,270/sq mi in size, and about 2 million live there.

Anyway the amnesty is when the law-abiding and criminals get rid of their knives without the fear of prosecution. What it doesn’t do is actively take the weapons from the criminals.

So, the police are “delighted” about 15,000 knives handed in.

Insp Darren Deex said: “Some of the knives would qualify as offensive weapons, and it’s really important these weapons are off the streets. We will continue to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying weapons, in particular knives, with our partners.”

Wow. If there are 15,000 knives in the bin from the law-abiding, those scared of prosecution (or their mum’s), or them just dumping evidence, imagine how many are still out there, on the streets, ready for use by those who GTAF about our ‘quaint’ laws.


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  1. Wonder how many of those were kitchenitis pilferous from frightened pensioners.

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