Acid Attack

Few things hurt and cause so much damage as an acid / strong alkaline attack.
Napalm or any fuel air mix come to mind.
Yet here we are, no one is safe, and the law as always way behind on current events.

But why detail what is now a common occurrence within big cities.
Try these report from the media. (Link), and this (Link)

So what’s the first aid.
Alkaline (example: Caustic soda) or Acid (example: Battery, drain cleaner, metal cleanser).
It doesn’t matter.
The first thing to do is strip off any contaminated clothing and DOUSE YOURSELF IN COOL WATER. LOADS OF WATER.

I’m also going to include one of the many “official guidance” in the media / Internet.

First Aid

  • Make sure the cause of the burn has been removed. Try not to come in contact with it yourself. If the chemical is dry, brush off any excess. Avoid brushing it into your eyes. Remove any contaminated clothing or jewelry.
  • Flush the chemicals off the skin surface using cool running water for 15 minutes or more.
  • Treat the person for shock if he or she appears faint, pale, or if there is shallow, rapid breathing.
  • Apply cool, wet compresses to relieve pain.
  • Wrap the burned area with a dry sterile dressing (if possible) or clean cloth. Protect the burned area from pressure and friction.
  • Minor chemical burns will generally heal without further treatment. However, if there is a second or third degree burn or if there is an overall body reaction, get medical help right away. In severe cases, don’t leave the person alone and watch carefully for reactions affecting the entire body.

Note: If a chemical gets into the eyes, the eyes should be flushed with water right away. Continue to flush the eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical help right away.


  • DO NOT apply any household remedy such as ointment or salve to a chemical burn.
  • DO NOT become contaminated by the chemical as you give first aid.
  • DO NOT disturb a blister or remove dead skin from a chemical burn.
  • DO NOT try to neutralize any chemical without consulting the Poison Control Center or a doctor.


As for the prepper/survival approach?
A 5 liter bottle of water is going to be added to our car kit.
That and a couple of pairs of cheap disposable overalls.

As the latest of tricks is to squirt people from the back of a moped or motorcycle, the windows of your vehicle should be kept SHUT during transit. Remember a repaint of a vehicle is a hell of a lot cheaper than losing your sight.

What else? The problem is we both have to wear glasses (old eyes).
So I’m going to explore getting a wrap round pair of prescription strength glasses.
For everyone else? You might like to think about standard wrap round safety glasses.

What I’d like is steel in the small of my back again.
It won’t stop the burning but it will stop that particular defective gene pool from breeding and hurting others.

Only that won’t happen will it?
The UK judiciary always (and it feels like only) protects the criminal not the victim.

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