A reason to riot?

A 20-year-old man has died after being chased down by police in East London after trying to swallow an object. The man stopped breathing, was taken to hospital, but died later on.
The man was named as Rashan Charles. Take a flying guess what racial category he fits into? I’m thinking IC3.

It’s Sunday.
With the usual time-lapse between event and the outrage being 48 hours, (which gives the key players in Antifa, BLM, and whatever, time to make their signs and arrange something ‘meaningful’ on social media), I’m thinking Tuesday before the great unwashed, once again, take to the streets to protest about basically everything and in particular, police brutality.

Checking the weather I see that Tuesday looks good in London, a pleasant  21C, 72F, and sunny. Couldn’t be better.

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