Damn that was quick.

Demonstrators brought a busy London high street to a standstill on Monday evening in protest at the death of a black man after a police chase, and look what banners they are carrying!

I suppose they must have a stack of the damn things.

The vigil was organized by Stand Up To Racism and campaigners say they are “enormously concerned and angered” over his death.
Guess that one must be a new organization (without printing facilities).

Antifa seem to be slacking a bit.
Stand Up To Racism managed to get something organized a full day before I guessed Antifa would. There again most of Antifa are university students (our future leaders) and as such are never seen much before 3 pm on any particular day. Especially Monday’s.

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One Response to Damn that was quick.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I can’t think of a day when there are no protests over here. It’s, unfortunately, becoming the norm.

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