Dead tired.

Either I’m getting old or traffic and driving is getting more intense.
5 am up.  7 am on the road.
Non stop day (unless you count a bacon sandwich pit stop and three viewings).
Back home 11 hours later.
This time we thought we’d got it sussed.
271 miles swapping driver after an hour.
Only that’s not actually any good as the problem with two drivers in a car, both drive whether or not you are behind the wheel.

So together with map reading (the GPS not able to cope with the multiple closed roads we encountered), neither of us actually ‘timed out’ during the day.

End result? We’re both well knackered!

What we found was:-
Two properties had bad subsidence and brain-dead owners who wouldn’t recognize a broken brick (or ten) if it hit them between the eyes or the landslip caused by poorly sited soak-a-ways which had caused the base slabs to fracture and sag.
Add internal cracks extending through the walls, and doors that stuck for no apparent reason (sigh). Oh boy, sh1t doesn’t even begin to describe what was between their ears.

Worryingly one property had an internal LPG gas leak. Jeez it stank!
Only the owner was still using the boiler (furnace).
A BOOM just waiting to happen. We left, quickly.

The last property was an executors sale i.e. the owner had died.
It was like a disaster movie where the owner runs out leaving food on the table.
Six months on, can you imagine the state of a place with dirty laundry, full waste bags, and rotting packets in the cupboards? One word, G R O S  S!!!

Still if the price is right, the little house is actually quite sound although it needs fumigation, gutting, and stripping down to the plaster, and a total makeover.

Funny enough the Agent refused our offer, some 20% down on the asking price.
Even funnier was they had the same offer from someone else!
Only we know the property has been on the market for at least six months and that sort of time has got to be upsetting the vendors.

As said before, we travel with hope.

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