Caring Britain

A renowned seat of learning, a rich town, where a lot of posh moneyed people live.
One where what is not wanted is hounded out of the city boundaries.
A NOT caring society.

Homeless people who keep possessions in doorways in Oxford have been warned they face fines of up to £2,500. Notices have been attached to piles of bags in Oxford city center which belong to people sleeping rough. Oxford City Council said the abandoned bags posed a hazard by blocking fire exits and lockers were available to those who sought help.

Na, this is nothing to do with bags, it’s an attack on those who are homeless.

Neo, who sleeps rough in Oxford, said he had his possessions confiscated by the council. “Most of the stuff which was taken was stuff that the public donated… it’s a shame,” he said, adding he now carries his possessions around in a trolley.

Confiscating the basics of survival, moving people on, fining those who have nothing.
Hell Oxford sounds more like some of those American cities where giving food or a cup of coffee to the homeless is a crime.

Oxford have a record of attacked the homeless. Back in 2015 they brought in a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) would ban certain anti-social activities (rough sleeping included) in the city center and fine those who breach the order. Fine them? When you have nothing all you can do is jail them. Thus criminalizing homelessness.

Anyway 65,000 protested that decision which did precisely nothing as they just went ahead making the usual SOP of many, criminal.

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