Do you know who I am !?!

Yep, just another self inflated POS who thinks he is important.

BBC producer Fergus Beeley stirred up a storm with his citizens arrest road rage video. Raving ““Put your hands on the car and get ready to die, this is a citizen’s arrest,” the enraged man yelled.

To me that would have been a straight forward physical threat to my life and that of my family. Thus I would have protected my own by bending a tire iron over his head or at least washed out his mouth with a hefty dose of WD40.

After all it is used for loosening nuts!

Video then has him assaulting a passenger.
I like video and I thought the police did too.
It makes their job easier when video and sound captures the crime.
Except apparently not when you are a BBC producer.
Then all they did was talked to him.
Probably using Sir after every word.

Well the old fool has been captured on social media, YouTube, and the media itself.
A stunning example of the quality of people employed by the British Broadcasting Company. Just think, your license fees were partially used to pay this animal.

I’d ask for a refund.

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