Arm the UK Police?

All police officers in England and Wales are to be asked if they want to routinely carry a gun. OK, but isn’t it about time the law-abiding were allowed to decide that too?

Arming the police will do nothing to solve the number of flash knife attacks or assaults.
It won’t improve the drug conviction rate or solve the multitude of other crimes affording violence on innocent people like rape, acid, and road rage.

The police will still always arrive AFTER THE FACT in all but a few occasions!

Isn’t it about time we were allowed to defend ourselves with something more effective than screaming “NO!”, open hand combat, or the puerile police advice of run, hide, and tell!

Only here’s another thought.
Up to now criminals are the only people you’ll see routinely carrying weapons and rarely the police. Thus you are more likely to be shot by a criminal than the police.
Nowadays one may be faced by an agitated, well flaky, police officer armed with a Taser.
Not ideal but hey, assuming you haven’t got a health condition, it’s not going to kill you.

(Bet you know where I’m going here).

As for tomorrow?
You may be faced by a poorly trained, agitated, well flaky, police officer with a Taser and/or A GUN!
Why taser someone when a gun leaves only one side to the story and you can tell that whichever way you want?

What, I’m questioning their honesty and integrity?
As someone in the legal business once said to me.
“It’s not what is recorded but the way it is presented in court that matters”.

Meanwhile you have a disarmed population under armed control.
The Tory party’s totalitarian system of government taken to the last but one extreme leaving only the addition of the army to make it George Orwell’s 1984 all over again.

Fer Fk’Sake Allow Us To Protect Ourselves!
(Especially from the government).

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