Friday’s Multicultural Offering

This man knifed a stranger to death in an “uncontrolled and vicious” stabbing on a Birmingham bus has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 26 years.

For looking at him.

OK it may have been a black on black thing but these knife attacks are all too common in the ‘safe country’ we live in.

Problem in my mind is:-
Would wearing a stab vest have done anything to save the victim?
Probably not as he severed the carotid artery, BUT as the lawful aren’t allowed to defend themselves down to a simple level like carrying mace to the best solution of carrying concealed firearms, such attacks will continue unabated.

After all it’s not like buses are patrolled by police 24/7.
Thus, as always, they arrive after the fact.

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One Response to Friday’s Multicultural Offering

  1. Most murders in the US are gang related, gang on gang violence (something the anti-gun groups don’t want you to know). Unfortunately, most of these thugs don’t care about the incidental body count and are just as likely to hit the three year old playing next door as the fellow thug they are targeting. Most gang activity is also drug related as that’s their primary source of income. Most gangs are hierarchical in nature where the most ruthless and violent rise to the top of the heap and reap the financial rewards of the drug trade. They breed this type of behavior, killing someone for showing disrespect is the norm.
    Instead of facing a barbarian horde at the gate we are inviting them in and creating our own…
    God bless

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