Multicultural matters, Let’s riot!

On the back of A reason to riot and Damn that was quick.
The unwashed and more feral youth of London blocked off roads with burning mattresses and wheelie bins before throwing ‘objects’ at uniformed police and screaming ‘justice’ for 20-year-old Rashan Charles.

‘Objects’. Got to love the PC way UK newspapers describe things haven’t you.
Bottles, bricks, debris of all sorts, fireworks, Molotov cocktails, the oldest of missiles being hefted by the viciousness of youth.
Numbers were guessed at around 150 people, many holding Black Lives Matter banners.

Oh look Black Lies Matter! Hardly a surprise is that one.
As for ‘justice’?
They were so focused on being angry at the police, they also felt it necessary to smash windows and wreak businesses too.

So the weekend starts, at the beginning of the school holidays, it’s warm, dry, and the ‘anti’ everything riot about someone they probably don’t even care about or knew.

Welcome to Londonstan. Sadiq Khan’s manner.
A multicultural wonderland of brotherly love and hugs.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Morons on every single street. Literally. The gene pool needs heavy cleaning.

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