Multicultural issues (Cambridge University)

Multicultural issues in the UK are too easy to find.
It’s getting so easy I’m going to stop looking.
After all, today’s ‘multicultural and religiously tolerant’ example used Twitter to say:-
“ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit.” and “Watching these middle-class white people despair over black people protesting in their colonised Dalston is absolutely delicious.” Which IMHO is not only racist but condoning violence against the police, criminal damage, and rioting. So who is this fool?

The head of a Cambridge University equality group, Jason Osamede Okundaye.

Only he forgot a simple truth.
If you throw shit around on social media, some of it always sticks to the thrower.
I’ve got a sneaky feeling Cambridge Uni will have something to say about this.
Hopefully in simple English words he might understand, “You’re out of here”.

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