Public Trust In A Police Force.

The Chief Constable of the VERY white Cheshire force says he wants to break the law to raise the number of black officers. (Link)

Break the law?
He wants to bring in positive discrimination to push on the hiring of black officers.
CC. Simon Byrne wanting new legislation introduced to allow his police force to hire one black officer for every white one.

Simon Byrne (Sir).
Cheshire is not the Met where 44% of the population are of color.
There are only 3000 ‘black or black British’ living in Cheshire, and just over a million whites and other races.

Your police force already has 27 officers from ethnic groups to 1912 white PC’s.
Although 69 don’t want to state their ‘group’ and I’m wondering why that was?

A Home Office spokesman said about this matter:
‘To introduce such action would not only erode the credibility and confidence of individual officers. It would also undermine the public’s expectation that progression in the police is based on merit alone.”

Sounds like they got that bit right!

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