UK Knife Attacks

It’s apparent that walking round urban UK is becoming hazardous to our health.
The police have lost control over knife crime and are struggling to cope with the latest craze of chucking corrosives around.

So is PPE becoming the latest ‘must have’ for the concerned?
I think that might be coming to that, only what?

A stab vest can stop center mass blows but it does nothing to protect the face and extremities. I’m adding slash proof gloves to the list as some injuries I’ve seen involved grabbing the knife. Carrying a bottle of water for flushing off chemicals, and wearing wrap round safety glasses would be sensible.


Problem I’ve got is selling this thought to the boss (SWMBO).
Mainly because of the cost. Approximately £100-£150 per person.
(Note I never buy 2nd user PPE so army surplus is not an option.)

You could say that it’s a small price to pay to stop being knifed but I can see her ‘contra’ argument carrying weight.

We’re on a fixed income so £200-£300 is not something we can afford.

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5 Responses to UK Knife Attacks

  1. gamegetterII says:

    What I do in such a situation is ask the wife how much does she think her life is worth.
    Then point out to her that we can always earn a few bucks here and there to recover the cost of whatever tool,gear,food for storage or other preps I determined we needed to have.
    Just a SWAG* I would say I win about 60% of the time,the other 40% of the time,she refused to give in.
    *SWAG= scientific wild assed guess.

    • Ah you sound like a healthy married couple.
      Me on the other hand likes to sleep safe at night. That’s when SWMBO gets her own back BIG TIME on most arguments! (Bruises and scars back that up).

      The question was raised though and tacit approval was given IF WE MOVE BACK into a city. Which ain’t going to happen.

      Besides she also reminded me that I’m worth more dead than alive.

  2. Go old school instead of high tech. Scavenge/find small gauge wire and go for homemade chainmail? Work it into a hoodie and few will be the wiser. Leather armor (may have to go multi-layer) worked better than people might think. In fact, motorcycle gear (look for it second hand) would probably work pretty well especially with some strategically added hard plastic panels.
    God bless.

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